Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yeah so that was makeup, gotcha!

Vegas was good though, lots of cool bike stuff, lights, gambling, sirens of treasure island. Anyway not to many pics lately went out on my dads boat when we came home. That was fun caught some bonita, mackarel, and calico bass. It was a super nice day, only bummer was that the boat broke down and we had vessel assist tow us home. It took like 3hours cause we were at Catalina Island when we broke down. It has been really hot here in the 100's waitin to hear about some jobs. Anyway hope everybody is doing good. Hi Ed glad your feeling better, I knew you would. Hope you can get back to your turning soon.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

on our way to vegas!

Friday, September 10, 2010

The top two photos of the last post are in AZ in sedona. We biked a bit there trails are a bit hard to find though not a lot of signage. Very cool though slide rock is this cool park through the canyon good swimming but cold. Utah was awesome Moab was pretty slick rock trail was not our fav but we loved porcupine rim we did it from hazard county down, it ended up being like 28 miles all together the last couple miles was on the road. Pretty much the whole trail was downhill though it was awesome. Next time we'll go for the whole enchilada and start from burroughs , sick! Chris and gormans was lots of fun caught some cutthroat and hung out , did some scenic driving and got to go to frenchmans hot springs. To many other hippies were taking up space though. Beautifl place though good to see those guys . Stopped in ogden for the night and saw my old roommate elin.
On the way through the reservation we found a stray beaten starved dog, sooo we tried to find help for her but animal services out here sucks a lot. So rubi is our new dog, spca apparently is useless and everything is kill shelter. We finally had in n out animal style mmmm so good and strawberry shake.


Monday, August 30, 2010

Sun Valley

Ok after craters of the moon headed to SV, Idaho. Stayin with friends shep and mike g, its nice to see these guys. We got to do some epic downhill shredding today we all went downhill mt biking at SV on an 8 mile long trail. It was awesome, now time for burgers mmmmm.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Last night we crashed in Idaho at the craters of the moon national monument and preserve. It was really cool its lava everywhere. We went in a few caves and walked around a bit. Henry is all bandaged up and after we found this hot spring in a book in the visitor center so we drove down the road to this lava formed hot spring. It was the perfect temp.

Friday, August 27, 2010

This is Henrys arm after he fell off his bike, ouch. We were not sure what to do so called George L. from cranny and after i recleaned it there was no question he needed stitches. Lots of gravel in it henry was pissed. So we found a clinic at the end of the day and he got 3 internal stitches and like 15 stitches on the outside. Oh and that is his fat layer bubbling out there. All cleaned up though.

The lake is with Grand Teton in the background.
Thats me jumping off moose falls.
The pool is a hot spring in west thumb of yellowstone I believe it was called black pool.
The cliff and falls is osprey falls.
The one with us is lower falls in the grand canyon of yellowstone.

Storm Mt, rapid city, SD

Okay sorry for the delay in posts havnt had very good service. So after SD we drove all the way to buffalo, Wy crashed shredded the skatepark there the next day then continued on to cody, Wy through the bighorn mts which were awesome. Cody had a super good skatepark big linked together pools. After drove into the shoshone n. forest and camped. We got into yellowstone the next afternoon. Saw some super smelly mud bubbling fumaroles called the mud volcano and then checked out the grand canyon of yellowstone, which was bad ass. We had buffola blockage on the tourist infested highways and even got to see some wolfs in the hayden valley.
The next day we checked out the geysers and hot springs which was awesome but by the end of the day we were geysered out. Went back to Hayden valley and saw 8 grizzlies feasting on some buffalo, crazy!
Osprey falls was our last day in the park 9 mile round trip bike/hike into this canyon for sweet waterfalls totally worth it. Then we drove up toward mammoth hot springs and swam in the river were the hot springs ran into ifter the hike.
Things quickly turned thugh cause when we left our truck light came on and we started to oget hot. We got back to camp and our camper was infested with freakin ants and we couldn't spray unless we wanted to sleep outside so we just yried to kill them all. So far so good. The next morning the car wouldnt start :( ,henry got it workin though. We headed south to the tetons. The day was good went for a swim and cliff jump at moose falls and then camped at colter bay on jackson lake where went for a swim it was so beautiful ,the tetonimos are pretty epic.
Went to Jenny lake the next day hiked waterfalls awesome. Light in truck came back on took it to the dealer 400 later we are good. Today after we got the truck fixed we went for a bike in cache creek and henry took a digger and sliced his elbow open pretty bad. I had to pull rocks out of his elbow fat , knargly. So after that we peaced out of the hole called jackson and henry is getting stitches, apparently jackson hole didnt like us.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Phrase of the day

That view is totally tetonimo.

Pedaled the storm mt trail yesterday outside of rapid city. Really good flowy trail, rocky in spots though. Had some nice elements. This was after henry rode the triceratops. Then headed to deerfield lake to camp. Saw lots of deer. This morning did the deerfield lake loop which was kind crappy in spots cause it was fairly overgrown. The pic is of the lake. After cruised up to spearfish saw some nice waterfalls, and elk maybe not sure. Dinner at Barbacoas, burritos, nice town good bike shop, RMS.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Stayed in the badlands last night saw some bufadora. Amazing view this morning, took the camper off roading and cruised into rapid city to give jimmy carter a hi 5. Shredded up the skatepark and checkin out dinosaur park.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Went through minnesota yesterday and ended our day in Jackson ,MN with some extended family. Wanda greeted us with open arms and agood meal topped of with some blue ribbon zuchinni cupcakes which were awesome. She sent off on our way this morning with all kinds of fresh garden veggies and cupcakes. It was great visit thanks so much wanda. The capital buiding was in madison. Now we are heading through south dakota. Wall drug here we come.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Levis Trow

This place was awesome so thanks to colin.  We rode about 12 miles today the trails are sandy in some spots they are real fast and side winder was cool it was right on this ledge which i think said is a lot of limestone in the area.  They had a few trails withelements built up on them very cool it was an imba epic ride.
Monday we biked around Madison which was cool.  So many bikes the mayor is trying to make Madison a platinum bike town, great if your a roadie or commuting not so much mt bikin.  There was one trail near hoyt park which was really cool but it was made more for freestyle bikin but there was some stuff that was definitely doable.  It starts behind the bagels forever store(haha) forever.  Anyway state street was cool lots of fun shops which we tried to stay out cause of the budget.  We did go into the yellow jersey though to ask about local trails, dont bother goin in cause the guys a crazy hippie and not so helpful.  H e told us to go to denver to mt bike, lamo.  So some guy on the street told us about a bike shop on machinery row.  Colin the guy in there was super helpful gave us some good tips of where to ride.  Told us to head up to Levis trow and in september they have gnome fest there which includes local microbrews and riding .
So been a couple of days on sunday we went to chicago.  Awesome, we saw this giant eye sculpture downtown it was like being in a sci fi movie.  It was a very bike friendly town they had a nice long path along lake michigan.  We ended up cruisin all over , we went to millenium park and saw the sculpture garden.  At the end of the day we went for a swim at the 12th st beach it was really nice a bit cold though.  It was suprisingly bright blue and very clean looking which was great after bikin around.  After that we got back in our rig and headed north and ended up eating dinner in milwaukee at the comet cafe where with two tap beers you get a plate of bacon, ridiculous but gooood!  Ended our day camping outside madison, wi.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bacon and Beer whoo whoo

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fishin but didnt catch any fish.
wind and corn lots  
Just went through Indianapolis 
Left Versailles sweet bikin did 13 miles more hard packed fast trails.  The trail grand view and cliffside were our favorites. We still feel like we are in a sauna though.  Campin was hot it actually reminded us of dfb at home except you cant swim in the water.
In indiana today at Versailles State park doing some bikin left grandparents yesterday. Miss them already, no more awesome cookin.  Learned how to make jelly which is amazing and now we have some jelly to go with our massive peanut butter supply.
We are now on our own no more fam to visit.  It was good to see everyone we went to gloucester,mini stop in connecticut, Long Island , mini stop in Penn, then Ohio. We got to the beach in gloucester, checked out big bambu at the met and stopped at quaker steak and lube for some wings. Hopefully we will be updateing this more frequently now internet has been lacking.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Deerfield-Landen Park

2.5 mile loop fun , fast hard packed trail. No climbs  and it was insanely humid like 75% humidity.