Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yeah so that was makeup, gotcha!

Vegas was good though, lots of cool bike stuff, lights, gambling, sirens of treasure island. Anyway not to many pics lately went out on my dads boat when we came home. That was fun caught some bonita, mackarel, and calico bass. It was a super nice day, only bummer was that the boat broke down and we had vessel assist tow us home. It took like 3hours cause we were at Catalina Island when we broke down. It has been really hot here in the 100's waitin to hear about some jobs. Anyway hope everybody is doing good. Hi Ed glad your feeling better, I knew you would. Hope you can get back to your turning soon.


  1. Hello Amber & Henry,
    I love the posts, keep them coming. It helps with the empty nest thing going on here at home.
    Love you both,

  2. I totally thought you took a header Amber. :) Glad things are going well.