Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yeah so that was makeup, gotcha!

Vegas was good though, lots of cool bike stuff, lights, gambling, sirens of treasure island. Anyway not to many pics lately went out on my dads boat when we came home. That was fun caught some bonita, mackarel, and calico bass. It was a super nice day, only bummer was that the boat broke down and we had vessel assist tow us home. It took like 3hours cause we were at Catalina Island when we broke down. It has been really hot here in the 100's waitin to hear about some jobs. Anyway hope everybody is doing good. Hi Ed glad your feeling better, I knew you would. Hope you can get back to your turning soon.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

on our way to vegas!

Friday, September 10, 2010

The top two photos of the last post are in AZ in sedona. We biked a bit there trails are a bit hard to find though not a lot of signage. Very cool though slide rock is this cool park through the canyon good swimming but cold. Utah was awesome Moab was pretty slick rock trail was not our fav but we loved porcupine rim we did it from hazard county down, it ended up being like 28 miles all together the last couple miles was on the road. Pretty much the whole trail was downhill though it was awesome. Next time we'll go for the whole enchilada and start from burroughs , sick! Chris and gormans was lots of fun caught some cutthroat and hung out , did some scenic driving and got to go to frenchmans hot springs. To many other hippies were taking up space though. Beautifl place though good to see those guys . Stopped in ogden for the night and saw my old roommate elin.
On the way through the reservation we found a stray beaten starved dog, sooo we tried to find help for her but animal services out here sucks a lot. So rubi is our new dog, spca apparently is useless and everything is kill shelter. We finally had in n out animal style mmmm so good and strawberry shake.