Friday, August 27, 2010

Okay sorry for the delay in posts havnt had very good service. So after SD we drove all the way to buffalo, Wy crashed shredded the skatepark there the next day then continued on to cody, Wy through the bighorn mts which were awesome. Cody had a super good skatepark big linked together pools. After drove into the shoshone n. forest and camped. We got into yellowstone the next afternoon. Saw some super smelly mud bubbling fumaroles called the mud volcano and then checked out the grand canyon of yellowstone, which was bad ass. We had buffola blockage on the tourist infested highways and even got to see some wolfs in the hayden valley.
The next day we checked out the geysers and hot springs which was awesome but by the end of the day we were geysered out. Went back to Hayden valley and saw 8 grizzlies feasting on some buffalo, crazy!
Osprey falls was our last day in the park 9 mile round trip bike/hike into this canyon for sweet waterfalls totally worth it. Then we drove up toward mammoth hot springs and swam in the river were the hot springs ran into ifter the hike.
Things quickly turned thugh cause when we left our truck light came on and we started to oget hot. We got back to camp and our camper was infested with freakin ants and we couldn't spray unless we wanted to sleep outside so we just yried to kill them all. So far so good. The next morning the car wouldnt start :( ,henry got it workin though. We headed south to the tetons. The day was good went for a swim and cliff jump at moose falls and then camped at colter bay on jackson lake where went for a swim it was so beautiful ,the tetonimos are pretty epic.
Went to Jenny lake the next day hiked waterfalls awesome. Light in truck came back on took it to the dealer 400 later we are good. Today after we got the truck fixed we went for a bike in cache creek and henry took a digger and sliced his elbow open pretty bad. I had to pull rocks out of his elbow fat , knargly. So after that we peaced out of the hole called jackson and henry is getting stitches, apparently jackson hole didnt like us.

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