Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monday we biked around Madison which was cool.  So many bikes the mayor is trying to make Madison a platinum bike town, great if your a roadie or commuting not so much mt bikin.  There was one trail near hoyt park which was really cool but it was made more for freestyle bikin but there was some stuff that was definitely doable.  It starts behind the bagels forever store(haha) forever.  Anyway state street was cool lots of fun shops which we tried to stay out cause of the budget.  We did go into the yellow jersey though to ask about local trails, dont bother goin in cause the guys a crazy hippie and not so helpful.  H e told us to go to denver to mt bike, lamo.  So some guy on the street told us about a bike shop on machinery row.  Colin the guy in there was super helpful gave us some good tips of where to ride.  Told us to head up to Levis trow and in september they have gnome fest there which includes local microbrews and riding .

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